Job Container Build Failed

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  • CA Client Automation
  • CA IT Client Manager
  • CA Patch Manager
  • CA Server Automation
  • CA Desktop Management Suite
  • CA Software Delivery


  • CA Client Automation:Release:12.5
  • CA IT Client Manager:Release:12.5
  • CA Client Automation:Release:12.5 SP1
  • CA Client Automation:Release:12.5 SP1 Feature Pack 1
  • CA Client Automation:Release:12.8
  • CA Client Automation:Release:12.9
  • CA Client Automation:Release:14.0
  • CA Client Automation:Release:12.8 Feature Pack 1
  • CA Client Automation:Release:14.0 SP1


  • CA Software Delivery:TNGSDO
  • CA Client Automation:BITCM
  • CA Remote Control:TNGRCO
  • CA Asset Management:TNGAMO

‘Job Container Build Failed’ error occurs while trying to create a software delivery deployment job.

 ·         The job fails with the following error message:

o    SDM228451

Job container build failed. Please see the event log for details.

An exception was thrown during the build of a job container.

Look up the corresponding event for the job container; it is a logged message with ID 201901. There a full description of the exception can be found.

Retry the operation.

If the error persists, contact Technical Support.

·         The CA event log shows:

%CASWD_E_201901, Job Container <name> <target> failed ca://usd/system -exception: name= VersionError comment= insertSorted location=T@:ps\collection.cxx:333 C@:foldjob\jobcont.cxx:7227 T@:foldjob\jobcont.cxx:7230 C@:foldjob\jobcont.cxx:7273 <Server_name>

·         TRC_USD_taskman_x.log shows:

010311-09:31:44.5960360L|004864|0000131c|TaskMan |TM:00|XEXHAND.CXX |000639|NOTIFY | ##EXCEPTION## VersionError T@:ps\collection.cxx:333.010311-09:31:44.5960760L|004864|0000131c|TaskMan |TM:00|XEXHAND.CXX |000641|NOTIFY | ##EXCEPTION## VersionError (not unique): Table usd_applic, ObjectId 2CDC9EE2-2423-4503-B216-CF9FAD3AA920, Comment: insertSorted.

010311-09:31:44.5966252L|004864|0000131c|TaskMan |TM:00|XEXHAND.CXX |000677|NOTIFY | ##EXCEPTION## VersionError
010311-09:31:44.5967151L|004864|0000131c|TaskMan |TM:00|XEXHAND.CXX |000639|NOTIFY | ##EXCEPTION## VersionError T@:foldjob\jobcont.cxx:7230.
10311-09:31:44.5967999L|004864|0000131c|TaskMan |TM:00|XEXHAND.CXX |000641|NOTIFY | ##EXCEPTION## VersionError(not unique): Table usd_applic, ObjectId 2CDC9EE2-2423-4503-B216-CF9FAD3AA920,Comment: insertSorted.
010311-09:31:44.5991202L|004864|0000131c|TaskMan |TM:00|XEXHAND.CXX |000677|NOTIFY | ##EXCEPTION## VersionErrorC@:foldjob\jobcont.cxx:72

CA Client Automation - All Versions

Please log a Support issue and request the fix for Problem DTSVMG #283.

The fix (Fix Numbers - T5J1124 & T5J1141) contains 3 Cleanapps SQL Scripts, which need to be run against the MDB.

 (Although the fix documentation says the fixes are for ITCM 12.5, they can be used on any version of CA Client Automation)

Additional Information:

The Cleanapps scripts have been included in the WinOffline utility since version 2016.12.08.

1. Connect to the ITCM database (MDB) using the 'Connect Sql' option.

2. Stop CAF

3. Once CAF is stopped, click on the 'Run CleanApps' option.

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