How can I print in portrait format?

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If your output goes to a printer with a default of Landscape, you can send it to batch and route it to a different printer or to a PDS.


Your reports usually print in landscape orientation but you want to print one with portrait orientation.

You will need to get the report out of the database, and then modify the print. There are two ways to get your files out of the database: batch processing and DOCCOPY.

We recommend that you use a batch job.

  1. On your online report screen, specify Report Disposition: P; Report: B.

  2. This will submit a batch job and route the report to SYSPRINT.

  3. The JCL is built using the CA APCDOC skeleton library member DOCRPT. Modify the JCL to route the print to a portrait printer or to a PDS. The PDS can be printed at will.

Details are in the System Programmer Guide, pg. 3-9.

You can also export the report using the DOCCOPY utility, but that might leave some undesirable control information in the file that you would need to remove manually. Details are in the System Programmer Guide, pg. 12-1.


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