Does CA Faver have a tape device migration procedure?

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Last Modified Date:  07/17/2017
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  • CA FAVER VSAM Data Protection
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  • CA FAVER VSAM Data Protection:Release:4.5


  • CA Faver VSAM Data Protection:FAVERM


I'm changing my tape devices; How should I go about converting my backup files?


Does CA Faver have a tape device migration procedure?


IEBGENER can be used to copy the CA Faver export backup files from the old device type (e.g. 3590) to the new one (e.g. 3592). The logical files on both carts will be the identical. Since there are no physical information stored by CA FAVER on export backups, the newly copied export backups can be used by CA FAVER without any problem on the new device.

There is no difference between physical tape and virtual tape. CA Faver does not know the difference. 

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