How do I change the date format for eHealth reports

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How do I change the date format for eHealth reports

Any eHealth Version Any Os Version

NH_DATE_FMT specifies the format used for the date values in eHealth reports, the console, and the Web interface.


MDY for English
DMY for French and Spanish
YMD for Japanese 

Valid Values:
DMY ? dd/mm/yyyy format. For example, 31 December 2003
appears as 31/12/2003.
MDY ? mm/dd/yyyy format. For example, 31 December 2003
appears as 12/31/2003.
YMD ? yyyy/mm/dd format. For example, 31 December 2003
appears as 2003/12/31.



Usage Notes:
This variable is set to the format that the user specifies during the eHealth installation. If you change this variable after installation, the change affects only the date values in scheduled reports and the eHealth console. To change the date format used in the Web interface (on the Run Reports page), do the following in addition to changing the value in the eHealth environment files:


For Windows:
After defining NH_DATE_FMT, reboot the system to ensure that the Web server uses the new value of the variable.


1. Edit /etc/init.d/httpd on Solaris or /sbin/init.d/httpd on HP-UX, and update the value of NH_DATE_FMT.
2. To stop and restart the eHealth Web server, log in as the eHealth user and enter the following commands at a command prompt:

nhHttpd stop
nhHttpd start

Additional Information:

eHealth environment variables are stored and read from resource files within the $NH_HOME directory. Changes should be made to the file as well as to the relevant .usr file for the user's shell. The main shell resource file (, nethealthrc.csh, nethealthrc.ksh ) will automatically source the applicable .usr file when that file is source. The variable settings in the .usr files will overwrite the settings from the master files
For more variable setting please reference "eHealth Administration Reference Guide"

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