Under what conditions does CA Scheduler Job Management Threshold Rules send notification?

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  • CA Scheduler Job Management


  • CA Scheduler Job Management:Release:11
  • CA Scheduler Job Management:Release:11 SP02
  • CA Scheduler Job Management:Release:11 SP1



What type of conditions can CA Scheduler JM Threshold Rules test for and send notifications?


Threshold rules can be set for notification when the CA Datacom database for CA Scheduler reaches a certain percentage full with the use of DBPERCENT type. The ACH, HST or IXX areas can be monitored.

JOBS tracked by CA Scheduler JM can be set for notification when a specified count is set in threshold rules. As an example, set the threshold rule for notification when there are 5 jobs that are in "LATE" status. Additional notifications can be sent for JOBS with the following status:

Job Abended
Job Failed
Job Held
Job Interrupted
JCL Error
Job Late
Job Submit Failed 
Job Waiting
Job Status Unknown

SCHEDULES can also be set for notification with the following status:

Schedule Backlogged 
Schedule Held 
Schedule Late 
Schedule Waiting 

The Threshold Rules that meet the test for specific conditions can use Email, CA Service Desk, or both for user notification.

Additional Information:
  • CA Scheduler JM Online Guide, Chapter 5 Threshold Rules. 

  • Video: CA Scheduler JM Threshold Rules for a demonstration in defining Threshold rules. The video is available on the CA Scheduler JM Support Home Page.

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