How do you have CA FAVER wait until a cluster becomes available before exporting/importing?

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Last Modified Date:  07/17/2017
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When a cluster is opened for another job, CA FAVER stops with a RC=8. Is there a way to have CA FAVER wait until the dataset becomes available?


How do you have CA FAVER wait until a cluster becomes available before exporting/importing?


CA FAVER in itself does not have this capability. However, you can use the following trick:
Add a DD with any DDNAME and DISP=OLD to the CA FAVER job, for clusters being Exported which might be used by other jobs during the time frame this Faver Export Job is being executed.
After this change is done: during the initialization of the CA FAVER job, if another job owns the dataset, the system will issue the following message:
IEF099I JOB jobname WAITING FOR DATA SETS and the CA FAVER job will wait.
When the cluster becomes available, the system will reserve it for the FAVER job and the job will resume.

Another option is to use the EXO parameter which will export a file that is OPEN. Although this option is available you may receive the Record Count Disagrees message since any specific record that is updated in the catalog entry may not be reflected in the export record count. This does not mean the records were not exported just that the record count verification is not the same as what the catalog shows since it may have been updated last.

 This option is not recommended for CICS files.

Additional Information:

See the CA Faver User Guide for details of options and messages.

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