How can I correct the S0C4 abend at offset X'374C' into Filesave module FRMSCBLK or S0C4 abend at offset X'FD8' into Filesave module FILESRCS.

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Last Modified Date:  07/12/2017
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  • CA Filesave RCS Automated Recovery


  • CA Filesave RCS Automated Recovery:Release:4.0


  • CA Filesave RCS Automated Recovery:FILESA

When running an ANALYZE function, a S0C4 abend can occur in our module FRMSCBLK at offset X'374C' or at offset X'FD8' in module FILESRCS.


This abend at this offset usually indicates that a buffer management package, such as CA-HYPERBUF, has allocated the buffers for our file above the 16M line. CA-Filesave cannot handle this, so the buffer management package must be instructed to ignore this file, or ensure that the buffers are allocated below the line. If using CA-HYPERBUF, it can be switched off by inserting the following DD statement into the executing JCL...


It is also possible to adjust CA-HYPERBUF processing options in order to force it to ignore that file, and for assistance with this, it is suggested that a call be opened with CA Technical Support, under the CA-HYPERBUF product.

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