What causes "domsrvr 5440 FATAL init.c 363 Operator :: new cannot allocate XXXX bytes." in the stdlog?

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In Service Desk, sometimes the stdlogs are filled with the error message "domsrvr 5440 FATAL init.c 363 Operator :: new cannot allocate XXXX bytes.". This document explains the reason and the steps to resolve this error.


What is the reason behind the "Operator :: new cannot allocate XXXX bytes?


This message indicates that the process attempted to allocate memory from the Operating System, however there was no memory available.

One thing to keep in mind is that processes in Windows have a maximum memory allocation of 2 GB permitted.  Any higher and an attempt to allocate further memory will result in the given message in the SDM stdlogs.

To resolve these issues, the best thing to do is track Memory Utilization per process ('pslist' (downloadable from Microsoft), Task Manager on Windows, 'top' on Unix.  One may also consider running the interval logging on the SDM Server to monitor process progression.

Several causes may result in the given message and will require monitoring of the install to determine the cause. 

One possible cause of this can be "preload" files under NX_ROOT/site/mods/majic.  These will tell the domsrvr to cache an entire table on startup which may not be appropriate, given the size of some Service Desk tables.

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