What is the relationship between VISION:Results, VISION:Eighty, VISION:Sixty and VISION:Excel?

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  • CA VISION:Results for VSE
  • CA VISION:Results for z/OS
  • CA VISION:Sixty for CMS
  • CA VISION:Excel for CMS
  • CA VISION:Excel for VSE
  • CA VISION:Excel for z/OS
  • CA VISION:Results for CMS
  • CA VISION:Sixty for VSE
  • CA VISION:Sixty for z/OS


  • CA VISION:Sixty for VSE:Release:11.0
  • CA VISION:Sixty for z/OS:Release:12.0
  • CA VISION:Excel for VSE:Release:6.0
  • CA VISION:Results for CMS:Release:6.0
  • CA VISION:Sixty for CMS:Release:6.0
  • CA VISION:Excel for z/OS:Release:7.0
  • CA VISION:Results for CMS:Release:7.0
  • CA VISION:Sixty for CMS:Release:7.0
  • CA VISION:Results for CMS:Release:4.0
  • CA VISION:Sixty for CMS:Release:4.0
  • CA VISION:Sixty for CMS:Release:5.0
  • CA VISION:Results for z/OS:Release:6.0


  • CA VISION:Results:V:RSLT
  • CA VISION:Sixty:V:60
  • CA VISION:Results Interface:V:RSIN


In their former lives they were called DYL-260, DYL-280, DYL-280 II, and DYL-Audit, but how are they related?


DYL-260 was developed as a 4GL in the 1970s by Dylakor; a self-contained compile, load-and-go system activated by parameters prepared in fixed format to be prepared on preprinted forms.

DYL-280 followed in the 1980s as the tool to provide the same functionality, but using free-form syntax. The free-form syntax is used to generated fixed-form DYL-260 code which is executed at run time.

DYL-Audit was a purchasable option to produce a variety of standard auditing reports and statistical analyses.

DYL-PDS, DYL-Table and DYL-Subroutines were other purchasable options available to DYL-260 or DYL-280 customers which were invoked via external CALLs.

Multiple database interface options were provided to allow easy access to DB2, IMS/DLI and CA-IDMS.

DYL-280 II internally bundled the functionalities of several DYL-280 options into an upgraded product. These were DYL-PDS, DYL-Table, some functionalities of DYL-AUDIT and certain features were added from DYL-Subroutines such as Match and Merge,.

Dylakor was acquired by Sterling Software in the 1983 and the products were renamed:

                                      relationships     Product Status
                                    ------------------  ----------------
DYL-260         = VISION:Sixty       10.0  11.0  12.0     supported**
DYL-280         = VISION:Eighty       7.0    -     -       stabilized
DYL-280 II      = VISION:Results      4.0   5.0   6.0     supported**
DYL-Audit       = VISION:Excel        5.0   6.0   7.0     supported**  
DYL-PDS         = VISION:PDS          n/a                  stabilized
DYL-Table       = VISION:Table        n/a                  stabilized
DYL-Subroutines = VISION:Subroutines  n/a                  stabilized
DYL-Interface   = VISION:Interface to DB2          4.0   supported**
DYL-Interface  = VISION:Interface to IMS           2.0 supported**
DYL-Interface   = VISION:Interface to CA-IDMS 4.0   supported**
** Actively supported at current release

Sterling and Advantage have preceded the product names as a 'brand'.

Computer Associates, now CA, acquired Sterling Software and these products in 2000.
Currently the brand is 'CA', so the complete product names are CA VISION:xxxxxx.

For further information about CA VISION:Sixty, CA VISION:Results or CA VISION:Excel please refer to the product documentation which is available for download via Support Online.

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