CA Audit Event Codes For CA Vulnerability Manager

Document ID:  TEC477390
Last Modified Date:  12/18/2008
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  • CA Vulnerability Manager


  • CA Vulnerability Manager:ETRVMG


The following document shows CA Audit event codes used to filter CA Vulnerability Manager events.


The following is a list of CA Audit event codes used to filter CA Vulnerability Manager events:

Event ID      Event Filtered
  11         Asset Discovered 
  12         Asset New 
  13         Asset Deleted 
  14         Auto-Inventory Managed 
  15         Auto-Inventory Unmanaged 
  16         Asset Release Added 
  17         Asset Service Added 
  18         Asset Patch Added 
  19         Asset Release Removed 
  20         Asset Service Removed 
  21         Asset Patch Removed 
  22         Asset Vulnerability New 
  23         Asset Configuration Standard New 
  24         Asset Vulnerability Closed 
  25         Asset Configuration Standard Closed 
  26         Asset Vulnerability Removed 
  27         Asset Configuration Standard Removed 
  28         Asset Remediation New 
  29         CA VM Configuration Change 
  30         User Successful Login 
  31         User Password Reset 
  32         User Account Locked Out 
  33         CA VM Back Up Failed 
  34         CA VM Code Update Status 
  35         CA VM Content Update Status 
  36         CA VM Service Not Reported 
  37         CA VM Content Source Changed 
  38         CA VM Unexpected Shut Down 

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