Received Tomcat Errors When Logging In

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Last Modified Date:  11/13/2008
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  • CA Vulnerability Manager


  • CA Vulnerability Manager:ETRVMG


The following are the steps you should take when receiving and Apache Tomcat or HTTP 500 error.


In the event that you have entered you CA Vulnerability Manager's IP address into the browser and receive an HTTP 500 error regarding the Apache Tomcat, you should close the browser and try to log onto the VM in 15 to 30 minutes. Most of the time, the VM Appliance is performing its daily maintenance and will lock itself down and not allow any users to log into the appliance at the time of maintenance. If you have waiting for a appliance to perform is scheduled maintenance and still cannot log onto the box, you should open a support ticket to further troubleshoot the error you are getting.

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