Remove/Delete VAULT definition from Dataset

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Last Modified Date:  11/02/2016
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  • CA Dynam/T for z/VM
  • CA Dynam/T Tape Management for z/VSE
  • CA Dynam FastVTOC
  • CA Dynam/D Disk Management for z/VSE
  • CA Dynam/FI File Independence


  • CA Dynam FastVTOC:Release:7.1
  • CA Dynam/D Disk Management for z/VSE:Release:7.1
  • CA Dynam/FI File Independence:Release:7.1
  • CA Dynam/T for z/VM:Release:3.0


  • CA Dynam Family for z/VSE:DYNTVS
  • CA Dynam Family for z/VSE:DYNVS


What are the steps to remove VAULT definitions from a Dataset defined to the Dynam catalog ?


There are 2 ways to remove/delete the VAULT definition:

  1. online in CUI screen CAYD-2110
    go to Vault Locations(001-025): and type NO to blank out the defined vault. When you press Enter, the changes are recorded by the Catalog update facility.

  2. with Program DYNCAT in Batch
    // JOB DYNCAT Delete Vault  
    // EXEC DYNCAT,SIZE=128K ALT 'datasetname' VLT=(NO) /*

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