Can the Terminal default of UNQ for Applications that are added dynamically be changed to GRP?

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Last Modified Date:  08/02/2017
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  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS
  • CA STX Session Management for z/OS
  • CA Teleview Session Management for z/OS
  • CA Vman Session Management for z/OS


  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS:Release:5.1
  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS:Release:5.2


  • CA-TPX for OS/390:TPX

Can the virtual terminal default for dynamically added applications which are not defined in ACT be changed from UNQ to GRP?


In CA-TPX you can start sessions also to applications not defined in the Application Characteristics Table (ACT) by e.g. the '/A applid' command. CA-TPX always assigns a unique virtual terminal (UNQ) for these sessions. TPX has to use a UNQ one here because Ca-TPX doesn't know about how the application behaves, e.g. does the application do a CLSDST Pass etc.

If you want to use a different type of virtual terminal then you need to add the Application to the ACT where you can specify an appropriate type of virtual terminal like SHR or GRP in the Application Characteristics Table.

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