eTrust VM was unable to communicate with the Remediation Server

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Last Modified Date:  08/21/2008
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  • CA Vulnerability Manager


  • CA Vulnerability Manager:ETRVMG


When trying to add a remediation server to deploy remediations, you see the following message:

Figure 1


The above message is due to authentication failure. Follow steps below to specify credentials and click "Add".

To authenticate with Local Machine credentials follow steps below

Security Provider: Winnt
Hostname/IP Address: <DSM Server Hostname.Domainname> (Eg.
Username: Administrator
Security Authority: DSM Server HostName (Eg.:
Password: ***

To authenticate with domain credentials follow steps like below

Security Provider: Winnt
Hostname/IP Address: MachineName.domainname(Eg:
Username: Domain username (eg : user01)
Security Authority: <domain_name>
Password: ***
Note: The domain user account should be a member of the Administrators group in the DSM server machine.

To use a security Provider other than "Winnt" the directory has to be configured from under DSM Explorer ->Control Panel -> Integration. For configuring directories please check DSM R11_2 documentation.

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