Updating the caevms service on a Solaris system

Document ID:  TEC463619
Last Modified Date:  05/23/2008
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  • CA Vulnerability Manager


  • CA Vulnerability Manager:ETRVMG


When updating the caevms service on a Solaris system you might see the following message upon install:

Current administration requires that a unique instance of the <caevms> package be created. However, the maximum number of instances of the package which may be supported at one time on the same system has already been met.


  1. Remove all packages of the caevms from the system using the command pkgrm caemvs this will uninstall\remove all evidence of the CA -VM agent on the asset

  2. Reboot the Solaris system

  3. Verify that the caevms has been removed; re-download the caevms to the UNIX box and run the install again

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