How to reactivate TPXOPER after it has been quiesced (CA TPX)?

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Last Modified Date:  01/02/2018
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  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS


  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS:Release:5.3
  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS:Release:5.4


  • CA-TPX for OS/390:TPX

If someone enters Q ALL from TPXOPER, this will quiesce all TPX applications including OPER.  How to reactivate TPXOPER after it has been quiesced?

CA TPX for z/OS

There are three ways to enable TPXOPER after a QUIESCE has been initiated:

  1. If any user has not yet logged off TPXOPER, they will be able to activate it and any other desired applications:
    • ACT ALL or ACT applid 
  2. This console command can be used:
  3. If neither of the above is feasible, then cycling the TPX started task(s) will resolve the situation. The quiesce function is strictly a flag within the TPX storage. Once TPX is recycled it has a new address space and new storage.


Additional Information:

For a complete description of the QUIESCE and ACTIVATE commands, please refer to the TPX 5.4 Session Management Operator Guide - Operating Commands.

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