How to select CA Utilities or IBM Utilities for utility processing when enters a utility command in RC/Query panels?.

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Last Modified Date:  07/04/2017
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  • CA RC/Query for DB2 for z/OS
  • CA Plan Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


  • CA RC/Query for DB2 for z/OS:RCQ

After displaying a list of tablespaces, in RC/Query for DB2 for z/OS, using option TS/L, a user enters "reorg" on the CMD line next to a table space name. Normally this results in the display of the "Rapid Reorg - Tablespace Options" screen which is a CA Rapid Reorg.

But another user performs the same steps, but it results in the display of the "RC/Q Line Utilities" screen which is an IBM DB2 Reorg.

What parameter controls which utility suite is selected?.


The CA-Utilities parameter within the RC/Query profile controls this display.
From the RC/QUERY Profile Menu, select Option 2 - RC/QUERY Profile Variables.
Under Processing Options, find CA-Utilities

Valid values are: Y   -  Use CA-Utilities.
                  N   -  Use IBM utilities.

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