When trying to add WCC portlets to a user's workplace, only the Quick Start portlet is listed. No other WCC portlets are available to be added despite having the necessary eIAM granted permissions.

Document ID:  TEC443159
Last Modified Date:  02/27/2013
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  • CA Workload Control Center
  • CA Directory
  • CA Workload Automation AE
  • CleverPath Portal


  • CleverPath Portal:Release:4.71
  • CA Workload Control Center:Release:1.0


  • CleverPath Portal:PORTAL


A user is granted explicit permission via eIAM to all the WCC portlets by adding him to the Portal Access resource class and ticking all the available options.

The user then logs into WCC, selects 'add content' and expands to:

Enterprise Management -> Unicenter Workload Control Center -> Launch Portlets

Here the user only sees the Quick Start portlet available to be added to the workplace. The rest of the portlets are missing despite having the necessary IAM permissions.


The portal user needs to be added to the WCC_Global default group

  1. Log into portal as user 'Admin'.

  2. Select 'My Profile'.

  3. Select 'Manage Users'.

  4. Find the user on the list and select 'Edit'.

  5. Select 'WCC_Global' in the Default Group field.

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