Why does the user timeout take longer than what is defined in the CA TPX System Options Table?

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Last Modified Date:  12/28/2017
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Why does the user timeout take longer than what is defined in the System Options Table (SMRT)?

CA TPX for z/OS

Besides the User Timeout value there is also a Timeout Checking Interval.

This is the amount of time that will pass between the checks that TPX makes on any of the timeouts.

For example, let's assume that the Timeout Checking Interval is set to fifteen minutes and the User Timeout is set to two minutes. Considering that the two minute user timeout might be missed by even one second at one interval, then the timeout would not be checked again for another fifteen minutes. So the timeout might appear to be as much as seventeen minutes.

                  TPX System Options Table Detail Panel                        
                                                            Panelid  - TEN0104 
 Command ===>                                               Userid   - ABCDE01 
                                                            Terminal - A55T9999
    System Options Table: T52TST                            Date     - 
                                                            Time     - 
    Timing Parameters                                                          
                                 1st Level     2nd Level                       
      * User Timeout             000002  min   000000  min                     
      * Timeout Option           F                                             
      * Session Timeout:                999999  min                            
      * LOGO Timeout:                   999999  min                            
      * Timeout Checking Interval:      0015  min                              
      * Inquire Checking Interval:      0005  min                              
      * SMF Logging Interval:           0015  min                              
      * PPS Release Request Timeout     0120  sec                              
      * PPS JES Idle Session Timeout    0120  sec                              
      * PPS VTAM Idle Session Timeout   0120  sec                              
      * L-Serv Recovery Retry Interval  0120  sec                              
 * Can be updated dynamically using the TPX Operator Reload Command


Additional Information:

Note that these SMRT values for User Timeout and Timeout Option define the system level defaults. These may be overridden at the profile and/or user levels.

TPX 5.4 - Best Practices - Adjust Timeout Parameters in SMRT

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