What is required to convert CA GENER/OL from a IBM VSE operating system to a IBM z/OS operating system?

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Concerting from IBM VSE to IBM z/OS


What is required to convert the CA GENER/OL from a IBM VSE operating system to a IBM z/OS operating system?


CA GENER/OL executes on VSE and z/OS operating systems as packaged. However, some steps to follow when converting from VSE to z/OS to be aware of:

1) There is no conversion utility required.

2) Use IDCAMS REPRO to move your libraries from the VSE system to the z/OS system, for example,  SGTLIBC, SGTLIBP, SGTLIB1, or any other user libraries. These files are standard KDSD files.

3) Be sure to install CA GENER/OL from the z/OS install package available on supportonline. Update the installed product with all current PTFs to bring the product current. 

Be advised that you may have IBM Cobol issues between the Cobol/LE environment and operating systems. These do not affect CA GENER/OL but you could see errors within CA GENER/OL. Utilize the CA GENER/OL diagnostic tools to assist you but in most cases some Cobol programs will require a re-compile.   


Additional Information:

An additional diagnostic tool is the CA GENER/OL Debugger Reference Guide should you run into any immediate problems when executing programs.

As with all software products please review the CA GENER/OL Installation and Implementation Guide.  

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