Configuring the Disclaimer Message in Agile Central

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Last Modified Date:  10/26/2017
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How does a customer / subscription administrator add a personalized disclaimer message / banner / customized header to Agile Central?


Subscription administrators can add a Disclaimer message to Agile Central. This will be displayed as a header or banner at the top of Agile Central. 

To add a disclaimer message, please follow these steps:

1. The subscription administrator will first need to open a support case to request that the Disclaimer Message be checked (activated) for their subscription.  The support engineer will then edit the subscription and turn on the disclaimer message.  Once this step is complete, this will allow a subscription administrator to create their own message by continuing with the following steps.

2. Navigate to the Setup page (hammer and wrench icon)

3. Select Subscription tab

4. Click Actions > select Edit Subscription (upper right corner)

5. Find the Context section and enter desired text 



The text will show on all pages within Agile Central on a gray bar beneath the menu toolbar


Note: at this time, there is no functionality to alter the font or colors of the text.

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