Running command YCMPMDLOBJ error in CHGLIBL and error CPF4011 for YLIBLST

Document ID:  TEC1922647
Last Modified Date:  07/06/2017
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  • CA 2E


  • CA 2E:Release:8.7


  • CA 2E:C22E

Receive Error running YCMPMDLOBJ error found in CHGLIBL, and within the resulting joblog is the error CPF4011 for YLIBLST. 

Message . . . . : Buffer length longer than record for member YLIBLST. 

Cause . . . . . : The file record length for member YLIBLST file YLIBLST in library Y1SY is 409. The buffer entry length is 2659.


We have seen this before where a customer's 'YLIBLST' file is out-of-sync. In this case, it had a length of 409 and should have been 2659. 

Recommendation to resolved: 

- Run 'YAPYY1DCHG Y1DLIB(Y1SY) Y1DTYPE(*ALL)'.      (YAPYY1DCHG - Apply toolkit Data Changes)

- Then check with 'YWRKLIBLST' (Work with Library List) the stored library lists for models that are being compared.  


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