Remove Physical Volumes that are not being used in the TMC.

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Last Modified Date:  08/17/2017
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  • CA 1 Tape Management


  • CA 1 Tape Management:Release:14.0
  • CA 1 Tape Management:Release:12.6


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1st Question:

Around 800 tapes are no longer needed and we intend for them to be physically removed from the TMC and then either discarded or destroyed. We are using VTS 99% of the time and we want to convert tape jobs that are left to virtual tape. What do we need to do to remove the Volumes?


2nd Question:

Do we need to update the member TMOSCR00 in the PPOPTION's to change the volume range or can we leave it as is once we remove the volumes? 

12.6 14.0

1st Question Answer:

You will need to put the tapes to be physically removed from your TMC into scratch status first. Once they are in scratch status, you will then put them in delete status by using the utility TMSDELET. After the tapes have been put into delete status, you will use the utility TMSXTEND and utilize the REMVOL control statement to physically remove the VOLSERS that you no longer want in your TMC. 

Before you use the steps below, please verify the tapes are in scratch status. They are required to be in scratch status to proceed forward. 

If they are in scratch status, you will use the utilities below. 

1. Run the TMSDELET utility and put the ranges in delete status. The control statement example is below:


Please read the TMSDELET documentation in the utilities guide. The entire process will be explained step by step on how to get the tapes in to DELET status. 

2. Run The TMSXTEND utility with a control statement for each range you want to remove. An example of the control statement is below:


Please read the TMSXTEND documentation in the utilities guide. The entire process will be explained step by step on how to remove the volumes you no longer want to use.


2nd Question Answer:

The member is there for defining scratch pools for different ranges and DSN's. If you plan on using those ranges again, then yes remove those definitions. If you will not use that range again, then you can leave it there and it won't apply. 

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