Connection is unlinked from cloned decision block when attribute is updated

Document ID:  TEC1872636
Last Modified Date:  06/08/2017
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  • CA Agile Requirements Designer


  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.3
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.4
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.5


  • CA Test Case Optimizer:ITKOTC

Link of cloned decision block is disconnected when update attributes on master block.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a decision block.

2. Add Output to the block. In this case, outputs of the block are A, B, C.

3. Clone the block.

4. Connect output A and B from master block. Connect output A and C from cloned block. 

5. Update any attributes like Notes of master block, and then output C is unlinked from cloned block.


This problem was reported on Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) 2.3. The behavior of ARD 2.4 is also same as ARD 2.3.

This problem was fixed on ARD (GA version)

If you feel this behavior is inconvenient, please upgrade to ARD 2.5 or later.

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