CA Identity Governance fails to import from CA Identity Manager connector.

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Last Modified Date:  12/09/2017
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  • CA Identity Governance


  • CA Identity Governance:Release:14.0
  • CA Identity Governance:Release:14.01


  • GovernanceMinder(Role & Compliance Manager):SGRM

After running an import from Identity Governance we are experiencing an error message like this one.


25550 23:05:28,456 ERROR [stderr] (default task-8) java.lang.RuntimeException: Process [BBAggImport] not found! 

25551 23:05:28,457 ERROR [stderr] (default task-8) at com.eurekify.workpoint.adaper.service.GetFirstNodeAction.<init>(GetFirstNodeAc 

25552 23:05:28,457 ERROR [stderr] (default task-8) at com.eurekify.workpoint.adaper.service.TMSRequestsHandlerImpl.getFirstNodeRcmPa rameters(


How can we resolve this?

Identity Governance

In order to resolve this you need to update your Workpoint DB Administrator.

To do this please follow these steps.

from GM -> Administration > settings > Workpoint DB Administration

Once inside you can press "update" (See image below)


After this is complete please try the import again.

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