CDM is sending internal alarms regarding CheckMemInfo - GetMemInfo failed (temporarily out of resources)

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Last Modified Date:  08/09/2017
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  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management


  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.31
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.4
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.0
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.1
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.2
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.41
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.42
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.47
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.5
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.51



You may get spurious alarm messages that have the following text:

cdm:InternalAlarm: Unable to get Memory data (temporarily out of resources)
cdm:InternalAlarm: Unable to get CPU data (error)
cdm:InternalAlarm: Unable to get Memory data (error)

Cdm 5.x or above AIX Systems: Windows Systems

On AIX machines the commands CDM will run will timeout before completing. Changing the timeout will resolve the issue.


On some systems incorrect NTP settings can cause this issue


On Windows Systems the performance counters may have been corrupted


On AIX Systems:

If you are receiving CPU alarms - add the following in raw configure:

<cpu> section of cdm

add a new key if it does not exist with the following value

sliced_cpu_interval = 30

If you are receiving memory alarms - add the following in raw configure:

<memory> section of cdm

sliced_memory_interval = 30

On Windows systems:

Logon to the server and lodctr /R from the command line


On both systems:

Check that NTP settings are correct and accurate. A few seconds of  drift may cause this issue.

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