CA Sysview is not available in CSM

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Last Modified Date:  06/07/2017
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  • CA SYSVIEW Performance Management


  • CA SYSVIEW Performance Management:Release:14.2
  • CA SYSVIEW Performance Management:Release:14.1
  • CA SYSVIEW Performance Management:Release:14.0



Get Latest Maintenance, Update Product or Product Release for CA SYSVIEW fails in CA Chorus Software Manager (CSM) with message:

Request is to get release: xxx for product: CA SYSVIEW Performance Management - MVS using site IDs:

  The product CA SYSVIEW Performance Management - MVS at release xxx is not available for the following site ID: xxxxxx
  Log in to CA Support Online and verify that the product CA SYSVIEW PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT - MVS at the release required is available for download under the following site ID: xxxxxx

You even can't see the product CA SYSVIEW PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT - MVS when looking in CA Support Online (CASO) at download products.
Similar symptoms can happen for a different product name: CA SYSVIEWE JES Component Standalone - MVS

CA Sysview - any supported release CA Chorus Software manager (CSM) - any supported release

CSM relies on the product licenses associated on CSO to the siteid you are getting the message for.
There are two different possibility of contracts for CA SYSVIEW : 
   - CA SYSVIEWE JES Component Standalone - MVS
   - CA SYSVIEW Performance Management - MVS 

Both Products are containing the same installation files and FMIDs. 
Usually CA SYSVIEW customers are licensed to only one and not the other, but the wrong product name has been chosen for the Update action.

  1. log in to CSO -
  2. go to Download Products
  3. enter SYSVIEW and verify which product name is showing up
  4. use this product name in CSM for Update Product/Release or Get Latest maintenance action
  5. in case the product name showing in CASO does not show up in CSM or the requested release is missing, run an "Update Complete Product List" first and refresh the PRODUCTS tab. This should show up the missing product name or release.
Additional Information:

On the PRODUCTS tab in CSM (without any FILTER active) all products are displayed which

- are licensed today
- were licensed in the past when an "Update Complete Product List" was done
- were added manually
- are old product names that have had a name change meanwhile/ were re-branded.

In order to only display products currently licensed, you can create a new FILTER with just your SITEID's and use that FILTER during displaying the PRODUCTS tab.
That way CSM only lists those product names you are licensed for and the names match those from download products area.

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