Error when creating a trapx filter to forward traps

Document ID:  TEC1859665
Last Modified Date:  08/04/2017
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  • CA Spectrum


  • CA Spectrum:Release:10.2


  • Spectrum Trap Exploder:SPCTEX

The following error is seen in the trapexploder.log file when creating a filter to forward traps:

config file syntax error or unknown host, line 297


Checking the specified line in the, we see the following filter to forward traps:

filter * * * * * * forward 138\.42\.187\.164:162



The backslash "\" character is not used in the ip address configured to forward traps to. The backslash "\" character is only required in the filter section before each period character "." so that the period character is read correctly and not as a regular expression wildcard operation.




Remove the backslash "\" characters in the ip address configured to forward traps to. For example:

filter * * * * * * forward


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