java.lang.VerifyError: JVMVRFY012 stack shape inconsistent;

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Last Modified Date:  06/30/2017
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  • CA Application Performance Management


  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.5



Unable to start the Agent 10.5.1, the below exception is reported in the application server log: "java.lang.VerifyError: JVMVRFY012 stack shape inconsistent"

Example 1:

[05/04/17 07:33:24:553 BST] 00000001 ContainerHelp E   WSVR0501E: Error creating component
java.lang.VerifyError: JVMVRFY012 stack shape inconsistent; class=com/ibm/ws/ssl/config/ManagementScopeData, method=<init>(Ljava/lang/String;)V, pc=22

Example 2:

[INFO    ] FFDC1015I: An FFDC Incident has been created: "javax.resource.ResourceException: java.lang.VerifyError: JVMVRFY012 stack shape inconsistent; class=com/ibm/msg/client/wmq/internal/WMQConnection, method=<init>(Lcom/ibm/mq/jmqi/JmqiEnvironment;Lcom/ibm/mq/jmqi/JmqiMQ;ILcom/ibm/msg/client/jms/JmsPropertyContext;)V, pc=22 782" at ffdc_17.05.03_11.16.

All supported APM releases.

This issue is related to defect DE275471 - US309901 : constructor instrumentation broken with latest Oracle and IBM JVM 1.8 SR4 (, 7 R1 SR4 (, 7 SR10 FP0 (

This problem (ctor instrumentation) will affect the instanceCounter, you should not miss anything except InstanceCounts metrics
You cannot workaround the issue by skipping ctor instrumentation

CA APM Development is working with IBM Support to resolve the issue : PMR# 36599,756


1. Stop the Application Server

2. Open the AGENT_HOME/core/config/IntroscopeAgent.profile, set introscope.autoprobe.constructor.policy=None

3. Start the Application Server





Additional Information:

A constructor in Java is a block of code like a method that's called when an instance of an object is created, for more information refer to

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