How to shut down and restart your Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) environment.

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Last Modified Date:  06/07/2017
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  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management


  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.47
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.5
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.51
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.42
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.41



At some point you may need to shut down your Unified infrastructure Management (UIM) environment. Please follow the steps included to avoid any unforeseen consequences.


UIM 8.4 +

To Shut Down the UIM environment.

  1. Make sure you have a back up of your database and the nimsoft folder for all robots.
  2. On the Primary hub, stop the Nimsoft service.
  3. Stop the database
  4. Turn off all other robots as needed.

To Start the UIM environment.

  1. Start the Database.
  2. Make sure database is up and running,
  3. Start the Nimsoft service on the primary hub.
  4. Ensure that the primary hub is up and running.
  5. Stop and Start the Robot on the UMP server(s).


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