Why am I failing to authenticate to RSA after reinstalling a node ?

Document ID:  TEC1849573
Last Modified Date:  06/20/2017
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  • CA Privileged Access Management


  • CA Privileged Access Management:Release:2.8



I have had to reinstall a cluster node. I had RSA authentication configured which used to work. However, now, even though I use the same sdconf.rec as before and even though I have reinstalled the node exactly as it was before, I can't log in. I always get a message about an invalid username or password. How can I solve this ?


This is likely a problem of the secret node file, which is used to communicate between the RSA server and the PAM system to which we are trying to authenticate.

In this case we should proceed as follows:

  • In PAM, in the Third Party Menu, in the RSA configuration check the "Clear Node Secret" button
  • Repeat this same operation in the RSA server

After this you should be able to login normally

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