The Alarms are not showing the CA Service Desk Incident number

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Last Modified Date:  08/10/2017
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  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management


  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.51



After migrating to sdgtw from casdgtw, the CA Service Desk incident number is not displayed on the alarm.  Previously with the casdgtw the incident number would appear in the custom_1 field.



Where can we find the CA Service Desk Manager incident that was created?

sdgtw 1.40 UIM 8.5.1 CA Service Desk Manager 12.9, 14.1

Using the default configuration for the probe, the CA SDM Incident number will appear in the custom_4 field in the format of:




In the example above, "74" is the Incident number.  The "cr:#####" is the database id of the ticket.


Additionally, the Custom_5 field will store a direct link to the ticket.


For example:




Additional Information:

If you wish to only see the incident number in one of the custom alarm fields, then make the following optional sdgtw Raw Configuration change:

Update the only_incident_number_in_alarm_field key in the setup section to add only the incident ID to the custom field in the alarm.  For example, if you enter this key value as custom_1, then, only the incident ID will be displayed in the Custom 1 field in USM.

Default: Blank


Note: You must enter a different key value from the one that you have specified in the CA UIM Alarm Field for Incident ID and CA UIM Alarm Field for Launch in Context field under the sdgtw node > Probe Configuration section.



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