What are the prerequisites required for Single Sign on Certificate update for any SSO Enabled Environment?

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Last Modified Date:  07/12/2017
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For any SSO enabled environments, when the certificate expires for any environment, it needs to be updated at CA as well. This document lists the information that needs to be collected before contacting CA Support for the certificate update.


What are the prerequisites required for Single Sign on Certificate Update?

  • The Environment URL's on which the Certificate has to be updated.
  • Contact Details of a person who could be contacted while the certificate is being updated.
  • A copy of the certificate that needs to be updated should be attached to the CA Support case.
  • We would need 48 hours of lead time to schedule this activity and 2 hours of downtime is needed to complete the configuration.
Additional Information:

We recommend that customer and CA need to work together at the same time to update the Certificate. The reason being once the configuration is complete customer would test it at his end and confirm/not if the certificate has been updated successfully.

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