Data Protection 15.2: iConsole Audit Status column not updating

Document ID:  TEC1835374
Last Modified Date:  07/11/2017
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  • CA Data Protection


  • CA Data Protection:Release:15.2


  • CA DataMinder Iconsole:DLPWEB
When reviewer does audit review, the Audit Status column in iConsole does not update automatically. The user must do a manual refresh to get the updated status in iConsole audit status column.
Hotfix R095970 resolves the Audit Status column update issue.
 To deploy the hotfix, follow these steps:
 1. Download and extract the required .zip files
 2. Apply the hotfix.
  2.1. Apply Web_15.20_HF037.msp to machines where CA Data Protection iConsole is deployed.


 a. Further installation details can be found in the Applying Hotfixes
 section of the CA Data Protection 15.2 DocOps space.
 b. The following files are updated when applying Web_15.20_HF037.msp:
 Web\scripts\controller\PaneViewController.js - 20-Mar-2017
Additional Information:
Hotfix R095970 can be downloaded fro the CA support site. 

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