VM:Tape; Oracle/STK VSM7 Tape Drive support

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Last Modified Date:  08/07/2017
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  • CA VM:Tape for z/VM


  • CA VM:Tape for z/VM:Release:2


  • CA VM:Tape for zVM:VMT

Does VM:Tape support Oracle/STK VSM7 Tape Drives ?




Yes, support for Oracle VSM7 Tape Drives was added to VM:Tape r2.0 with PTF RO96732.

Additional Information:

This enhancement adds support to VM:Tape for Oracle/STK VSM7 model tape drives. Oracle/STK VSM7 model tape drives operate with VM:Tape as "IBM 3490E" tape drives. Therefore you should use the MEDIA and DENSITY information found in the "IBM 3490E, Oracle StorageTek 4490 and 9490 Drives"  section under "Implementing CA VM:Tape with a CMS TMC"; "Tape Drives, Media, Density Names, and TMC Values" in the VM:Tape Administrators Reference.


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