Can't use line commands on the CA Endevor footprint panel. Getting error "NO ENVIRONMENT MATCH". Why am I getting this?

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Last Modified Date:  06/12/2017
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  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager


  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager:Release:18.0
  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager:Release:17.0


  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager:ENDBAS

From the Endevor option 1  "DISPLAY" then 2  "FOOTPRINT" you can display the Endevor footprint. This will display a library's members and also allows you to select the members using line commands. 


If I attempt to enter a line command next to a member when in the footprint display panel I get this message "NO ENVIRONMENT MATCH". Why am I getting this?


If you press PF1 you will get this long message "NO ENVIRONMENTS MATCH  OR USER NOT AUTHORIZED TO USE THIS ENV".

When you enter a line command next to the member Endevor looks for the information. Endevor looks in the Endevor Environment you are currently using. Endevor will look to see if the Environment exits as in the footprint has it. Then it will see if you have security access. If not then the error message is shown.

Common causes of this message are that you don't have access to the Environment,the Environment was re-named, deleted or is on another C1DEFLTS. 

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