Encrypted Attachments Not Detected

Document ID:  TEC1784447
Last Modified Date:  06/12/2017
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  • CA Data Protection


  • CA Data Protection:Release:15.2


  • CA DataMinder Active Policy Management:DLPAPM

Password protected attachment does not trigger for encrypted event, where encrypted events are handled in policy.

The encrypted attachment policy works in 14.1 but does not function in 15.2

Policy fails to recognize protected or encrypted content in trigger when the encrypted attachment in the message contains embedded documents. 
The Keyview library version 10.23 that is used to extract content from the attachment is unable to identify content in the embedded documents as protected, thereby causing the policy to fail.
APAR#: RO95864
This fix resolves the issue by skipping verification of the embedded documents if the master document is encrypted.
The Keyview library used to extract content from the embedded documents in the encrypted attachment needs matching password to decrypt it, which is unavailable to CA Data Protection.

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