I created a policy statement for the logger policy set. I supplied a few events but I did not supply any selection conditions (no users etc). Why did I receive so many records?

Document ID:  TEC1778334
Last Modified Date:  08/11/2017
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  • CA Compliance Event Manager


  • CA Compliance Event Manager:Release:5.0



When I created a policy statement for logger I did not enter any selection conditions.

I was going to add some users as time progressed but the policy statement was initially added without any users.
I was expecting this to be dormant until I added users.

When I activated the policy statement I found that ALL USERS were reported on rather than none. 


The selection criteria for logger policy statements is first to identify the EVENTS that you are interested in, then you select the test conditions to LIMIT the number of records to be selected, and then you select what action to perform for these events. 

If you do not select any limiting conditions, you will collect ALL occurrences of the event.



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