Crash ARD when attempt loop setting for subflow using Subflow Optimization

Document ID:  TEC1749654
Last Modified Date:  06/08/2017
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  • CA Agile Requirements Designer


  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.3
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.4
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.5


  • CA Test Case Optimizer:ITKOTC

Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) may be crashed when you attempt to configure Subflow Optimization.

Steps to reproduce this problem:

1. Create a flow and save it.
2. Create another flow and insert above flow as Subflow Decision.
3. Right click the subflow and Select [Subflow Integration] > any selection except "Stored Path".
4. Click [Loop Settings] button on [Subflow Optimisation].
5. Click [Accept] or [Cancel], and then Windows Application Error is occurred.

This problem is reported on ARD 2.3. ARD 2.4 is also same behavior as ARD 2.3.

This problem was fixed on ARD (GA version)

If you have looping flow as subflow, please upgrade ARD to 2.5 or later.

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