Search for Requests with an inactive requested by or requested for user, in Service Catalog.

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Last Modified Date:  08/08/2017
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  • CA Service Catalog


  • CA Service Catalog:Release:14.1
  • CA Service Catalog:Release:12.9
  • CA Service Catalog:Release:17.0



It happens that a user becomes 'inactive' in an environment running e.g. CA Service Desk Manager and CA Service Catalog.
And you (still) need or want to see their requests in CA Service Catalog.


How can I search for Requests in Service Catalog where the requested by or requested for user is no longer active?

Windows running CA Service Catalog.

When the Catalog > Configuration > Request Management Configuration > Browse Catalog Layout is set to 'Request View', the 'Find Request By ID' search will return requests that were raised by a now inactive user.



For the 'Advanced' search there are two search options which allow to filter based on user status:

  • ·         Requested By User Status
  • ·         Requested For User Status

So you can do an advanced search similar to the following:

Request ID Equals 10035

Requested By User Status Equals Inactive


To find requests for inactive users when using Browse Catalog Layout = 'Service View' you can search for requests with inactive users using the following steps:


1. Home-> Requests-> Find Requests

2. Click on View Advanced

3. Select 'Requested By User Status' Equals 'Inactive'

4. Click Search.



Note that you can add further criteria to the search if required and save it for future use. 


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