How are Report Schedules held in the database?

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Last Modified Date:  08/10/2017
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If I need to confirm the details of a scheduled report, for example to see why one failed or to manually delete a schedule, how are these stored in the database?


The information for a given schedule report is seen in the following tables:

select * from t_schedules_status where Schedule_Id in (<id list>) ;
select * from t_report_template where report_id in (select report_id from t_report_galleries where Schedule_Id in (<id list>)) ;
select * from t_report_galleries where Schedule_Id in (<id list>) ;
select * from T_Schedules where Schedule_Id in (<id list>) ;


In particular, t_schedules_status will show the status of the scheduled report, including the error returned (if there was one) in the schedule_error column. If the report was scheduled correctly, the schedule_error_num column will report 0.

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