How to check that CA-Lserv is in use (or not) to manage files for CA products,

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Last Modified Date:  07/07/2017
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  • CA Common Services for z/OS
  • CA Bundl
  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager
  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS
  • CA Balancing
  • CA MIC Message Sharing


  • CA Common Services for z/OS:Release:14.1
  • CA Common Services for z/OS:Release:14
  • CA Bundl:Release:5.0
  • CA Bundl:Release:5 SP1
  • CA Bundl:Release:5
  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager:Release:17.0
  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager:Release:18.0
  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS:Release:5.4
  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS:Release:5.3
  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS:Release:5.2
  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS:Release:5.1
  • CA Balancing:Release:1.1
  • CA MIC Message Sharing:Release:12.0
  • CA MIC Message Sharing:Release:11.9
  • CA MIC Message Sharing:Release:11.8


  • CA-L-Serv (Common component w/TNG Framew:LSERV
  • CA Bundl:BUNDL
  • CA Distributed Repository Access System (CA DRAS):DRAS
  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager:ENDBAS
  • CA-TPX for OS/390:TPX
  • CA Balancing:INBAL
  • Unicenter CA-MIM:MIM
  • Unicenter CA-MII:MII
  • Unicenter CA-MIC:MICL
  • Unicenter CA-MIA:MIA

This knowledge explains a simple way to control which CA Product is currently active as LServ's client.

These CA products are:

CA Endevor Software Change Manager,
CA Bundl,
CA TPX Session Management for z/OS,
CA Balancing,
CA MIC Message Sharing.


How to control which CA Product is currently active as LServ's client.


If you need to control which CA Product is active and is using LServ File server services.
You should check this if an LServ STC is active on your machine.

If you have SYSVIEW available, enter command "enq *,*,lservdsn" for QName LSERVDSN.

The RName column gives the full dataset name belonging to the Lserv's client.

If the searched file is not in this list, then it is not under control of LServ at this time. 

With other products search for enqueued resources QName LSERVDSN.

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