Getting ORA-28040 during HDBSetup

Document ID:  TEC1696576
Last Modified Date:  07/03/2017
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  • CA Harvest Software Change Manager


  • CA Harvest Software Change Manager:Release:13.0


  • CA Harvest Software Change Manager:CCCHV

When running the "CR" option in HDBSetup, getting error message: 28040 [CA Harvest SCM][ODBC 20101 driver]ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol


Seems to be related to having differing versions of Oracle database and/or Oracle Client and/or ODBC software.

Here’s a link from the Oracle community that gives us a hint:


DBA updated the sqlnet.ora file on the Oracle server machine and added the following line:


This should allow older versions of the Oracle ODBC driver to connect to Oracle server.  After restarting the Oracle server the error message did not appear again.

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