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  • CA Data Protection:Release:14.5
  • CA Data Protection:Release:14.6
  • CA Data Protection:Release:15.0
  • CA Data Protection:Release:15.1
  • CA Data Protection:Release:15.2


  • CA DataMinder Active Policy Management:DLPAPM
  • CA DataMinder Iconsole:DLPWEB
  • CA DataMinder Iconsole Searches & Reports:DLPREP

The CA Data Protection iConsole uses a combination of SQL and XML to build the searches.  Not all search modifications can be made directly in the iConsole. If you want to change the text labels for search parameters or amend other parameter attributes, export the search and edit the underlying XML in the new definition file.  


In earlier versions of Data Protection, to edit the XML search definition:

  1. Go to the Administration tab and click Searches. The Manage Stored Searches screen appears.
  2. Click the check box for the search you want to export.
  3. Click Actions, Export.


You can now use an XML editor to modify the exported XML file.

While this works for some versions of Data Protection, later versions do not provide a complete export of the parameter data they instead the export returns 

<include name="standard" type="parameters" version="1.3" />


CA Data Protection 15.x

To view the Search Definitions you can see the underlying xml from installation CMS\iConsole installation folder, %wgninstalldir%\system\std_rptinst\Standard Searches\xml 

For example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\CA DataMinder\system\std_rptinst\Standard Searches\xml 


And the installed version can be located as follows: 

If you log in to the CA Data Protection Administration Console (Acon) as an administrator and go to Tools -> View System Files. Navigate to : 



Additional Information:

For more information on managing searches please refer to the product documentation.


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