Changed to redeployed custom connector not visible

Document ID:  TEC1644524
Last Modified Date:  06/12/2017
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  • CA Identity Manager


  • CA Identity Manager:Release:12.6.0


  • IdentityMinder(Identity Manager):IDMGR

We have updated the metadata, giving the following fields new names to make these a bit more user friendly for the Administrators:

Endpoint Name / Description / Account Template

However, after redeploying the custom connector, the original values of these fields are still seen when looking at the endpoint type in Provisioning Manager - the changes made are not visible.


IM 12.6.x IM 14

Endpoint Name / Description / Account Template are hard-coded with these names.


Endpoint Name / Description / Account Template are hard coded with that name therefore these cannot be renamed / manipulated by editing the metadata.

The endpoint type will always show these hard-coded values, regardless of any custom values configured in the metadata.

In addition, the General X tab names - these also cannot be renamed as being dynamically generated during build.

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