Is it possible to run multiple CA Symdump CICS trace formatting regions one for each CICS region program IN25TRCM?

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Last Modified Date:  10/20/2017
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  • CA SymDump CICS


  • CA SymDump CICS:Release:10.0


  • CA SymDump for CICS:SYMDUM

The client just installed CA Symdump CICS r 10 and would like to know if they can run multiple trace format region address spaces program IN25TRCM? The client would like to run a trace format region for just CICS 4.2 and one for CICS 5.2 is this possible? If so what parameters need to be changed in IN25OPTS?


You can run multiple trace format regions. You will need to change the IN25OPTS parameter TRCFFMID=
The default is TRCFFMID=SYMDTRCF and your second region will be the name you choose like for example TRCFFMID=SYMDTR53
To see the CA Symdump CICS trace options in effect you can enter the VRPT transactiopn at a clear screen in CICS and select option 2
2 Global Options - Display Installation Options
All the trace options start with TRCF*
Each Trace format region needs a unique name. CA CCI – ENF will dynamically work with the new name.

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