Cannot display bitmaps in Webview generated modules

Document ID:  TEC1616795
Last Modified Date:  07/06/2017
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  • CA Gen


  • CA Gen:Release:8.5
  • CA Gen:Release:8.6


  • CA Gen Run Time, Internet Client:CGRTI

When developing Gen applications targeting Web (Webview), bitmap images display at design tiime, but do not display at runtime.  The same application displays bitmaps successfully when targeting GUI Windows.


To display bitmaps within Gen Web (Webview) clients transitioning from Gen GUI Windows Clients. 

- Be sure the GUI Client Windows display the bitmaps (.bmp) on the windows successfully.  

- Convert all the .bmp bitmaps to .jpg files, using a paint package or other conversion tool.  Gen Web only accepts .jpg images. 

- Place the same named .jpg file(s) in the folder location: 'C;\...\<local_model>.ief\html\images\'

- Generate/Build/Assemble and Deploy the Gen Web application, the bitmaps will now be present at runtime. 

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