VKG0133I Action 12009 NOT Valid

Document ID:  TEC1612746
Last Modified Date:  08/02/2017
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  • CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


  • CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager:Release:12.6
  • CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager:Release:14.0


  • CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager:VANT

Message "VKG0133I Action 12009 NOT Valid" was issued from the windows client trying to zoom to an object from a Console.


What is the reason for this VKG0133I message?


The Action definitions reside in the Vantage CCTUXML data set. If an Action can't be found message VKG0133I is issued.


Be sure the SMPPFX variable in the Vantage Procedure and the SMPPFX VKGPARM is correct, so that the correct CCTUXML data set is allocated.

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