AuditType values in Wgn3EventAudit table.

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Last Modified Date:  07/11/2017
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The Wgn3EventAudit table contains an audit trail of actions taken. One of the columns is AuditType, which contains a numeric value corresponding to various audit actions. The Database Schema guide does a good job of defining what the various AuditType values mean. Do you have a list of what these numbers ans what they mean? 


Please pass below information to customer.

Following are the possible valid values for audit type and corresponding meaning. 

WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_VIEWED                                                  = 0, // The event was viewed.
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_STATUS_CHANGED                             = 1, // The audit status of the event was changed.
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_COMMENT                                            = 2, // An audit comment was added.
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_EXPIRY                                                   = 3, // A change was made to the expiry date.
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_PERMANENT                                         = 4, // A change was made to the permanent flag.
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_MAILED_EVENT                                    = 5, // A mailed event entry was added.
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_CLASSIFIER_CHANGED                      = 6, // The audit classification of the event was changed
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_ACTION_CHANGED                             = 7, // The audit action of the event was changed
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_QUARANTINE_CHANGED                   = 8, // The event was released or rejected from quarantine
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_ISSUE_PARTICIPANT_CHANGED      = 9, // The participant of an audit issue was changed
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_ISSUE_NAME_CHANGED                   = 10, // The name of an audit issue was changed
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_ISSUE_CREATED                                 = 11, // A new audit issue has been created
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_EVENT_EXPORTED                            = 12, // The event was exported to EVF, MSG, PST or VWS
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_EVENT_PRINTED                                = 13, // The event was printed
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_ISSUE_PARTICIPANT_ADDED           = 14, // A participant was added to the list of associated participants for an issue
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_ISSUE_PARTICIPANT_REMOVED     = 15, // A participant was removed from the list of associated participants for an issue
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_ISSUE_TRIGGER_ADDED                 = 16, // A trigger was added to the list of associated triggers for an issue
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_ISSUE_TRIGGER_REMOVED           = 17, // A trigger was removed from the list of associated triggers for an issue
WGN_EVENT_AUDIT_TYPE_UNKNOWN                                           = -1 // Unknown type.

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