Unable to Import files from CA WCC ECLI tab

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Last Modified Date:  07/18/2017
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  • CA Workload Control Center


  • CA Workload Control Center:Release:11.3.6
  • CA Workload Control Center:Release:11.3.5


  • CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys):ATSYS

Unable to import file from CA WCC ECLI tab; permission error sh: /tmp/wcc4598****.in: Permission denied" .

CA WCC R11.3.6, R11.4 Operating System: AIX, Linux and Solaris

ECLI uses AutoSys Command Sponsor installed on the CA WAAE host to perform command execution or JIL imports. AutoSys Command Sponsor is hosted by CA iTechnology iGateway.  When we execute a command or import a JIL file in ECLI, the WCC Credential user is used to create a temporary file in the CA WAAE server. If the user's umask value is not appropriate, the temporary file creation fails which results in the aforementioned permission error in ECLI.


1. Change to $IGW_LOC directory (/opt/CA/SharedComponents/iTechnology by default).

    cd $IGW_LOC

2. Edit the 'S99igateway' file using vi or vim.

3. Add the "umask 022" line just above the  "./igateway -b" in the script.

4. Add the "umask 022" line just above the  "./igateway -d" in the script


5. Restart iGateway service

    $ ./S99igateway stop

  $ ./S99igateway start




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